History of Concerned Moravians

The Concerned Moravians came to life from a shimmer of hope, and faith that we might be able to appeal to the leaders of our Church within the bounds of the Church’s constitution, to correct unconstitutional resolutions passed at the 2018 Southern Province Synod. We seek to follow the foundational truths we know to be our Father’s will, to use these Truths to guide our lives, to restore life and unity to His Church, and to serve God and His word, as individuals, families, and congregants, according to His purpose.

From a small group, with a vision and purpose to follow what we strongly believe, there are now more than 900 Brothers and Sisters who have signed their names in agreement, and who stand for God’s truth. We feel there are many more who support our goals, but are as yet unreached. It is our desire to uphold the clear direction of our Church Constitutions. As of the writing of this letter, we have appealed directly to a member of the Unity Board and to the Southern Province PEC. Neither have chosen to abide by the Southern Province’s constitution or the COUF as written, or to place a hold on any action related to unconstitutional resolutions until such time as the constitutional conflicts are resolved.

We ask our Father’s guidance on how to proceed. In this difficult time, we pray that ALL involved will LISTEN and remember that we are not a group of two or three, but of hundreds of kindred spirits seeking our Father’s will and direction.

To God be the glory!

Should You Be A Concerned Moravian?

In April 2018, the Southern Province Synod, composed of nearly all the church pastors, bishops and provincial leaders, with congregants from each church, created new resolutions that are not in accordance with the Moravian Church’s world-wide constitution, known as the “Church Order of the Unitas Fratrum” (COUF).

  • Do you realize that unconstitutional decisions have been made? Have you read the resolutions passed by the Southern Province’s 2018 Synod? Several objectionable resolutions were passed, but Resolution 14 was in direct conflict with the COUF Article #885 and COUF Resolution 44 of the Unity Synod, passed in response to the Northern Province’s 2014 Synod’s similar resolution.
  • Are you aware that both the Northern and Southern provinces in North American have broken the unity of the Unitas Fratrum (Unity of Brethren, the Latin name of the Moravian Church)? Are you supportive of a break from the worldwide unity, which has been in place since 1457?
  • Were your church members fully apprised of the topics that were to be covered in this synod beforehand? Had you perhaps been told that the topic of Resolution 14 would not be discussed at the 2018 Synod?
  • Do you understand the Synod decision includes a provision to let each congregation make its own decision on a matter of doctrine, thereby causing our churches to have different constitutions? We are now ‘congregational churches’ and no longer a provincial or worldwide unity.
  • Do you agree with this breaking of the unity within the Southern Province and the worldwide Moravian Church?
  • Are you concerned about the future of the Moravian Church?

If any of these questions or statements is a concern to you, perhaps you should become a ‘Concerned Moravian’. Please be aware that you can find copies of the COUF, the Southern Province Book of Order and the results of the 2018 Synod online. Links to these documents can be found under “Documents and Links” Section on this website.

The Concerned Moravians have found that the majority of Moravians did not know this was an issue to be considered by the 2018 Synod. In a very different manner from that presented by the Methodist Church when they discussed the same topic in their St. Louis Conference, held in February 2019, the world, including the congregants of many Moravian Churches, did not know this topic would even be included in the agenda of the 2018 Synod. Many Moravians had been told from the pulpits of their churches that this topic would not be discussed in 2018. In other churches, it was simply not mentioned.

  • Was this lack of transparency an issue in the different results of the two most recent worldwide denominations to address this issue?
  • Was the withholding of information an oversight or was it deliberate?

On the morning of May 11, 2018, many Moravians, along with others in the city of Winston-Salem, the seat of the governance of the Southern Province of the Moravian Church, woke to read a headline in the Winston-Salem Journal proclaiming, “Moravian Synod Will Let Gay Clergy Marry”. Most who read this headline were surprised. Why was this a surprise?

  •  Were you informed of the resolutions created by the 2018 Synod at your church before this headline appeared?
  • Were you aware that resolutions were passed which are out of order from our own Southern Province Book of Order? In the Southern Province’s “Book of Order” in the Constitution of the Moravian Church in America, Southern Province, Section 4. (Duties and Functions of the Provincial Synod) # 1 states the duty of The Provincial Synod: “is to carry out the principles of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) laid down by the Unity Synod for constitution, doctrine, worship and congregational life”.

In many of the Southern Province Moravian churches, a post-synod silence reigned. Many congregants have related that they were not aware of the resolutions that were passed before this article was published in the paper. One question to consider is, for what purpose and when did the Moravian Church become an organization of secret keepers?

The Concerned Moravians group is very concerned about the future of the Moravian Church in America. We are standing for the Church Order of the Unitas Fratrum and for unity of the worldwide Moravian Church. We have attempted to correct this situation with our provincial leaders, who have told us that the constitutional committee must have missed this resolution at the synod (their job is to prevent unconstitutional decisions from being carried forward), yet they have taken no action to correct this oversight and to strike these unconstitutional and unapproved resolutions from The Southern Province Book of Order. We are continuing to seek a solution for this lack of oversight and to find a way to correct these actions. We hope you will join us and help us bring our long-lived and beloved Moravian Church back into unity with the entire Unitas Fratrum. Please contact us for more information and ways that you can join us in efforts to resolve these concerns.


  1. Action Committee – This group will develop a plan of action to restore Biblical principles and rules of the Unity to the Moravian Church in North American. Group will develop strategies for reaching church boards, other provinces and ministers that have the same beliefs of the Concerned Moravians. This committee will work with the Distribution and Correspondence Committee to assist in any campaigns approved by the Leadership Group.
  2. Spiritual Committee- This group will develop, plan and coordinate spiritual guidance and events for congregants of each church and/or group meetings.
  3. Investigative Committee – This group will coordinate any research that is requested by the Leadership Group. Suggestions are welcome from anyone but all final research projects must be coordinated with the Leadership.
  4. Defense Committee Precentive Law Group – Once the subject is identified, this group will determine what is needed for each situation and contact the needed professional advocacy.
  5. Distribution and Correspondence Committee – This group will be responsible for monitoring the Gmail account for emails, adding names to the distribution list, updating mailing addresses, communications of all upcoming events/meetings. 
  6. Publication Committee – This group will be responsible for development, overseeing, and updating of the website. This group will work closely with the Distribution and Correspondence Committee for the publication of materials and events on the website.
  7. Finance Committee – This group will handle all funds and payments of expenses. This group will also handle the reporting and filing of necessary tax requirements for the non-profit.
  8. Hospitality Committee –
  9. Benevolence Committee – Assemble funds for Christ’s purposes


  • If you would like to serve on a committee, please fill out the Contact Form under the Contact Us Page or our mailing address is PO Box 1095, Rural Hall, NC 27045